Maltby Street Market and Spa Terminus

Such a pleasant surprise has been to discover Maltby Street Market and Spa Terminus!

We decided to part from the East End hustle and bustle and to head to Maltby Street Market and Spa Terminus in Bermondsey, just a few steps away from London famous South Banks.

The neighbour Borough Market is around the corner, but the atmosphere is a lot calmer and it is actually possible to engage a true chat with the various stall owners who will happily describe the goodies you are about to taste.

I am a avid lover of street markets, and as every good Italian anything that relates to a good glass of wine, good food and a few antiques instantly makes me happier, and really this is The Place to enjoy London slow life.

Spa Terminus is set underneath a section of the overground arches and serves daily the wholesale food industry with all sort of delicacies and is open on Saturday mornings for detail sale and a few chit chats.


Olympic Madness

Goodbye London 2012, welcome Rio 2016 and Tokyo 2020!

Some place you’ll leave…

…But they will never leave you…


Mount Fuji from Enoshima Island, Japan


Kefalonia the Beautiful

It’s my third time in Greece, my first in Kefalonia and I still think Greece it is very similar to my vague idea of what Paradise looks like.

The beaches leave you speechless and it is impossible to get bored- hire a scooter or a small suzuki cabrio and explore around. Get lost in the grotts while snorkeling. Try your best with a fishing rod and pretend you are actually managing. If you eventually catch something light up a barbeque in the evening. Or just simply read, read and read those wonderful books that you never have the time to read.

Sailing, my love

It’s about time for  New Half Year Resolution.

I bumped into my friend Sofia today and she told me she was just thinking about me as she wants to start sailing again. My heart stopped for a second and then it was pure joy.

I don’t believe that people bump into each other for mere chance, so to me it really has to happen.

I had been thinking the whole day about getting my hands salty again and starting to sail.

I have yet to find out about sailing in the UK, like where are the coolest spots not too far away from London, or how the hell can I reach them without a car, but don’t want to spoil the excitement of this day… so… just a few photos from some of my sailing adventures back then…

All of the photos were taken during a 3 week long trip sailing around Scotland, Norway and Holland for the Tall Ship Race in 2008.

Any suggestion of sailing spots in Uk are more than welcome!!!

Peter Zumthor and Bruder Claus Chapel- Architecture Stories #3

Bruder Claus Chapel is THE masterpiece by Peter Zumthor.

Its construction is quite spectacular: after building hand made formwork made out of 112 tree trunks, 24 layers of 50 cm concrete were poured over 24 days, in a technique that reminds the use of rammed earth.

Once the concrete was poured, the wooden frame was set on fire leaving a dark hollow cavity.

Glass cylinders were cast within the concrete, allowing light to filter inside. The result is spectacular and the feeling is that of standing in the middle of an old tree trunk which is covered in resin. It is just poetry at pure state.