There we go again

There we go again

As Holly GoLightly of Breakfast at Tiffany would sing “There is such a lot of world to see!”

Another one of those times has come when all I would like is to be me and my suitcases. Actually, not even plural, just one suitcase is enough.
Longing that sensation of butterflies in the stomach, not knowing what’s gonna be next, who you’re going to meet and the stories that you are going to hear.
And the curiosity to know what your next bed is going to feel like, what bits of your own personality you are going to discover, how weird the new food is going to taste.
No responsibility for a long while, not having to pick up the phone as you still haven’t bought that sim card and the pleasure of handwriting a long letter home.
Yes, today I just want to be me and my suitcase.


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