Sailing, my love

It’s about time for  New Half Year Resolution.

I bumped into my friend Sofia today and she told me she was just thinking about me as she wants to start sailing again. My heart stopped for a second and then it was pure joy.

I don’t believe that people bump into each other for mere chance, so to me it really has to happen.

I had been thinking the whole day about getting my hands salty again and starting to sail.

I have yet to find out about sailing in the UK, like where are the coolest spots not too far away from London, or how the hell can I reach them without a car, but don’t want to spoil the excitement of this day… so… just a few photos from some of my sailing adventures back then…

All of the photos were taken during a 3 week long trip sailing around Scotland, Norway and Holland for the Tall Ship Race in 2008.

Any suggestion of sailing spots in Uk are more than welcome!!!


Irving Penn- When exposure was the only Photoshop

Irvin penn- balenciaga Sleeve, Paris 1950

Irving Penn was a true photographer with style.

His black and white silhouettes were like a very neat hand sketch. Very few bold lines, the rest was light and shadows.

Really, how cool are these pictures? I can’t stop watching them, so simple yet so full of details.

Just a quote that made me think:

“I think that b&w pictures are intrinsically finer than colour. I think that I have never seen a really great colour photograph.”

All pictures by Irving Penn (1917-2009)

The Serpentine Gallery and Sou Fujimoto


Every year The Serpentine Galley invites one of the StarArchitect who still has not completed a project in the UK to build a temporary pavilion in Hyde Park.

Japanese Sou Fujimoto was The Chosen One for 2013.

Fujimoto reinvented the clouds, designing an ethereal steel structure that dissolves in the air. Perhaps to give people the thrilling sensation of walking in the clouds, he made the structure accessible to public, so that visitors can climb up and enjoy the breeze of Kensington Garden.

Borough Market

In the list of London classic, Borough Market holds one of the top spots.

Get out of home hungry as you will be tempted by many of the goodies: salt beef sandwiches, scallops, burgers and veggie burgers, paella, chorizo sandwiches will make you mouth water big times.

All the joys of South Bank are close by, from Tate Modern and Millenium Bridge to Hayward Gallery and London Eye.

It’s open for lunch Monday to Saturday, and the full market can be enjoyed on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Closest metro stop is Borough.

Columbia Road Flower Market

Whether you are nicely settled in London or you are touristing around with a spare Sunday, it is well worth that you pay a visit to this oasis of greenery, flower and chillax of Columbia Road. Its Flower Market runs every Sunday from 8 o’clock  onward.

If you haven’t partied all night like crazy  are lucky enough to get there early, you can enjoy a bit of space of your own while doing your flower shopping.

3 bunches a fiver is my usual shop, to get while sipping a coffee from Lilly Vanilly bakery in the courtyard next door.

For serious shopper, best deals are found after 3 pm, when the hordes of people begin to move elsewhere and the stalls begin to pack away.

The shops on the street are lovely, and they sell pretty much anything from design objects, vintage furniture, flower pots (of course!), stuffed foxes and animals, magnetic maps,vintage clothing, knitting pattern, fresh oysters, Bansky posters and so on and so forth.