Sailing, my love

It’s about time for ¬†New¬†Half Year Resolution.

I bumped into my friend Sofia today and she told me she was just thinking about me as she wants to start sailing again. My heart stopped for a second and then it was pure joy.

I don’t believe that people bump into each other for mere chance, so to me it really has to happen.

I had been thinking the whole day about getting my hands salty again and starting to sail.

I have yet to find out about sailing in the UK, like where are the coolest spots not too far away from London, or how the hell can I reach them without a car, but don’t want to spoil the excitement of this day… so… just a few photos from some of my sailing adventures back then…

All of the photos were taken during a 3 week long trip sailing around Scotland, Norway and Holland for the Tall Ship Race in 2008.

Any suggestion of sailing spots in Uk are more than welcome!!!


Holiday time