Some place you’ll leave…

…But they will never leave you…


Mount Fuji from Enoshima Island, Japan



Sailing, my love

It’s about time for ¬†New¬†Half Year Resolution.

I bumped into my friend Sofia today and she told me she was just thinking about me as she wants to start sailing again. My heart stopped for a second and then it was pure joy.

I don’t believe that people bump into each other for mere chance, so to me it really has to happen.

I had been thinking the whole day about getting my hands salty again and starting to sail.

I have yet to find out about sailing in the UK, like where are the coolest spots not too far away from London, or how the hell can I reach them without a car, but don’t want to spoil the excitement of this day… so… just a few photos from some of my sailing adventures back then…

All of the photos were taken during a 3 week long trip sailing around Scotland, Norway and Holland for the Tall Ship Race in 2008.

Any suggestion of sailing spots in Uk are more than welcome!!!

Peter Zumthor and Therme Vals- Architectural Stories #2


I will try to explain in words what pictures don’t do, specially when we are dealing with Peter Zumthor work.

Peter himself does not like books or photos to describe his buildings, as in effect we are talking about sensations and experiences.

Its architecture is simple: mass and voids. When we put down the materials, then we start talking, whispering or even singing: stone and water. How many forms or smells or colors can water take?

In Vals water comes on any possible form, be it vapor, snow, ice and drops. And even color and smell have their character, from pools of flower to ferrous pools.

And about stone itself, well it can be cold, oh so very cold, or warm and almost hot. Light can shine on it and reflect as a mirror, or it can get as dark as the bottom of a pit.

Get there in winter to enjoy the Therms at their best, and make sure you order plenty of cheese fondue and spatzli in one of the restaurants on the way back.